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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Continuing Chronicles of the Return

I've now been back in the United States of America for over a month. Once I arrived, I started right out.

I pretty much dove into the things I missed: using the library, egg nog, sugar cookies from the local chain grocery store, watching cable . . . .

I was able to spend a decent amount of time in Chicago and Springfield, IL. One of these times, I shall have to focus solely on Chicago and during a time that includes a weekend so I can spend more than just a couple of days with my brother and my sister-in-law.

My appearance in Springfield caused a huge commotion. I drove up to my sister's house, but instead of walking up to the front door, I walked up to the side door. After I knocked on the window, my elder nephew Parker walked over to get the door because he thought it was my brother-in-law coming home for lunch. Panic ensued.

His face grew three sizes and he ran away yelling, "MOM! MOM! IT'S UNCLE GREGORY! UNCLE GREGORY IS HERE! UNCLE GREGORY!" Then my younger nephew Jeffrey trotted over to the doorway to look and he started yelling, too. I could hear my sister burst into laughter at the chaos I caused.

That was thoroughly entertaining and it's something that will stick with me for a long time.