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Friday, September 28, 2012

On A T-Shirt

• An enjoy no thinking valuable for yours
• goosy
• The Rocky Bloc Show [picture of Rocky Horror lips]
• space forming base
• grace of the sun and ocean
• brown honey
• admiration vast ground
• can't wait for next month's issue?
• we are so happy forever
• infinite space exploration
• New Standard Family
• jolie sucre fille

Saturday, September 15, 2012

On A T-Shirt

[Note: This is the "slowly catching up from moving cities and not having internet" post. One of them, at least. You should see how backlogged I am on pictures!]

• Believe a thing called love
• balmy days shuffle tape
• Soul Sister, Brown Sugar
• Faker is same as you
• Make my happy
• Light after madness
• No more fish in the sea?
• I'm fun
• Enjoy yourself – it's later than you think.
• Sausage union – rebel forces gain the fame
• It always shines full stars
• Positive idea and wish fulfilled
• I will never be like your kind of the girls – The Villey of the Dolls
• Clover: four leaves of happiness
• Don't think. Feel!!
• I think I am cheated
• Big fun on a bicycle
• In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby's First Onsen

Yesterday I completed a walk across a few peaks of the Daisetsuzan National Park's mountain ranges, including and finishing with Asahidake, the largest peak in Hokkaido.

The hostel on the Asahdake side had a hot spring on-site, which meant that I would have my very first onsen experience. Since I am obviously not a "water baby" as was pointed out by my travel companion and clown partner (I think I hold more Earthbender potential), my appreciation of the hot spring was in doubt. It needn't have been.

For Japanese onsen, one of the main things is that one washes before entering the hot spring, which makes a load of sense; you don't want other people's dirt and crud floating around in a pool of hot water making some Jonathan Swift's Nightmare soup. I felt that it made the aftermath feel even more relaxing and therapeutic: you're already clean, you soaked in a hot pool, and now your pores are open, sweating a cleansing sweat.

I had the marvelous experience of being the only one in the men's onsen at the time. This particular onsen was open-air, so as I looked up, I could see more stars than I am usually able to see at night; I saw an amount of stars closer to the amount I am comfortable seeing.

And I sang. I sang "Transatlanticism." I sang "The Scientist." I sang "The Beautiful Ones."

I sat on my heels, body weight not being an issue with my knees in a hot spring pool. I breathed and meditated before I sang and between songs. I massaged my calves and feet. I spent a half hour in the hot spring and then I left to dry off and head back to my room to prepare for an early turn-in at 10pm.

Onsen? I like.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

On A T-Shirt

• Sorry I am doing fine
• Life in the slow lane
• Salt Lake City – Messenger from Lover
• Carefully about teamwork goes to a high place
• Expose chicanery
• New Jersey out of the world
• I cannot afford to waste my time making money
• All we need is you
• WHAT ENERGY! I depart with my full bag of time all the things time has taught me
• Strange and unprepared
• Have a game of play